Jeff was working on plotting out our drive to our new home today (we leave in 13 days!)

Map of Canada showing our route.

Google says it is only an 83 hour drive.

We only have about 9-10 days to do it in, so visiting, sightseeing, lingering, eating, and probably even stopping to pee are all out of the question!

For kicks, I wanted to see if the new desk I want from Ikea could be delivered to our new northern home. Yes it can! But the delivery cost is a little prohibitive:

Screen Shot 2015 06 30 at 8 51 46 PM

$9,999 for truck delivery? I think this will be our new norm. Even Amazon Prime isn’t available up there.

We’ve been doing fairly well, stroking tasks off our list. We’re quite broken and achy though. I’ve decided, finally, that we need help, so I’ve booked a cleaning company to come in for a day next week to help with some of the cleaning tasks: windows, baseboards, cupboards, bathrooms, etc. Everything is getting cleaner and more orderly every day, but it will still be nice to have the help.

And speaking of cleaning, why do window companies put irremovable stickers on new windows? It took me about 90 minutes of scrubbing with all my might to get the remaining 4 stickers off our new windows.