The case of the pantry doors

We had left our kitchen incomplete for a few years, but there is nothing like a sudden move to prioritize every house repair and project.

The previous owners had a built in oven with a separate cooktop. We replaced them with a traditional range a couple years ago, and turned the area where the oven was built in into a pantry with shelves.

We hired the carpenters from the Sherbrooke Village carpentry shop to build a couple pull out shelves for the pantry recently. They turned out really nice, with oak fronts to match the honey oak cabinets in our kitchen.

We ordered two matching doors to finish off the project. They came in last week and we took them to a woodworker with a door off another cupboard to match. He immediately knew he was not up to the job when he opened the packaging on our two new doors. They were maple and there is just no way to make maple look like oak!!

He was right!


Although they are very lovely, they don’t match at all!


Luckily our cabinet supplier admitted fault and ordered us two in oak. Unfortunately though, they arrived after all of our tools are gone, and we’re leaving tomorrow, so they will be here for the next home owner to get finished. Unfortunate, but at least we have the oak ones now to go with the house.

We had our counter top replaced recently too. Another project we had delayed for too long. Such a shame because this new one is lovely. I took only 30 seconds to pick it out, simply asking, “What do you have in stock?”. The result is this gray mixture that has small splotches of brown that match the cupboards nicely.


I’m so glad we didn’t try to tackle the installation ourselves. The installer did a remarkable job. I’m really pleased with it.


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