All of our stuff is gone!


Two of the crew helping to direct the truck while backing up the driveway.
Packing crew arrives

On Thursday a packing crew arrived to pack the rest of our belongings into big moving boxes, wrapping all our breakables, and making big piles of boxes.

We understood that they wouldn’t move any flammables like alcohol or cleaners, but they wouldn’t take any liquids at all. So while they moved our canned goods, everything liquid came out – new jars of pickles, cartons of broth, unopened juice, salsa, lens cleaner, beer, and tomato sauce. I suppose this is to save ourselves from ourselves if anything were to break. Some we’ll try to stuff in the truck with us, the rest we’ve unfortunately just had to take to the landfill.

Stacks of boxes in kitchen
Kitchen full of boxes

The driver of the truck arrived in the afternoon to survey the scene. He immediately knew we had a problem. He is driving our stuff in a big long semi-tractor trailer load to Edmonton and he said there is simply no way he could back that rig up our driveway. He said if it wasn’t gravel, he’s have a chance, but he’d only spin on gravel.

So he had to make arrangements for a shuttle truck for Friday, meaning they’d have to load all of our stuff into a smaller truck, and then reload it into his bigger truck, apparently at our expense. Ahh!!

Boxes stacked 4 high in basement.
Boxes stacked in basement


On Friday the moving crew showed up early in the 8 o’clock hour, trying to beat the heat.

Stack of boxes on the front deck.
Time to start loading the truck

After all, they knew they were going to have to move it all again, into the bigger truck in town.


They worked quickly and had everything packed into the truck by noon.

Our deck piled with boxes and stuff.
Front deck staging area as the truck is loadedIMG_5258

The truck driver is moving our stuff to an Edmonton warehouse. From there, a northern company, MATCO, will eventually load it back into one of their trucks for the trip up to Dawson City. We might be without our stuff for the next 4 weeks!

In the meantime, we kept out a little TV, two lawn chairs, and an air mattress. We have 2 sporks and some paper plates.

Aunt Cecilia has visited us a couple nights this week. She helped us clean and sort through some stuff, and she tackled some weeds in the flower garden. Thanks!! She also helped us tackle this big pail we have full of beer cans that the movers wouldn’t take. Hopefully we’re pacing ourselves right to have these gone by Monday when we depart 🙂

We’ve been also tackling our supply of strawberries and yoghurt by adding some sponge cake 🙂

Strawberry shortcake with a spork
Strawberry shortcake with a spork

Now that everything is gone, this weekend will be spent cleaning the house, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and organizing everything that is left so it can be packed into the back of Jeff’s pickup truck on Monday. A plumbing crew is coming on Monday morning to winterize our plumbing so we can be leak free in case the house doesn’t sell by winter (please oh please will someone buy our house soon!)


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