Picture of me with a birthday hat on.
This week I turned the big 4-0. I usually take my birthday off, but despite living in the most unique place on the planet, I couldn’t think of a single “epic” thing to do with the day, so I worked.

Jeff made me a delicious cake.Golden cake with chocolate icing with Smarties on top

Golden cake with chocolate icing, topped with Smarties! He did well!



Then we bundled up and went out to celebrate!

Me in toque and face mask
Picture of rum drink



We met my cousin Veronica at the Drunken Goat for my birthday dinner. I had a few birthday drinks. Did you know on your birthday here, you can have a free drink in every bar?!? It helps having a relative living here who knows these things.

Dinner was fabulous. The Drunken Goat is a Greek place with huge servings!

We watched round one of a local trivia competition that we were too intimated to enter, but we’re SO in next time!



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