Last weekend we took a drive south to a fishing hole Jeff wanted to try. Despite being relatively dry here for the first half of the spring, it has been raining here for days! It was sunny when we left town, but by the time Jeff had his line in the water, it was hailing!

Just a few kilometres away from his fishing hole, we stopped to chat with this fella in the ditch:

photo of a black bear

He was a little standoffish though. Almost leery of of a black bear

We stopped at another lake, and spotted a moose on the far side:

With our binoculars, we could see he was a bull moose with growing antlers!

I also saw a white spot on the far shore. It was a swan on a nest! Another swan is in the reeds nearby:


By the time we got back to town the rain had stopped and the sun was back out, so we took the ferry across the river to West Dawson so Jeff could show me an orchid that was in bloom.

We decided to take the 2km hike along the side of the high river bank (cliff really) to look at more orchids. Apparently we timed it perfect (despite the rain that came back) because all the Spotted Lady’s-slipper orchids were in bloom! A man who was also on the trail said they weren’t out just the day before!

Can you see them in this photo? They are all the white/pink dots you see all over.


Here are some closer views of the orchids that Jeff took:20160605-DSC_0567



There are a couple nice platforms to overlook the Yukon River. In this one you can see a bit of town down river and around the bend:20160605-DSC_0579

This one looks southward, and up river.20160605-DSC_0580


There were a few more patches of orchids on the way out!



The wild roses are in bloom now too.