Two years ago we were visiting Dawson City. We had no idea at the time we’d be moving here a year later!

The summer solstice this year was actually on June 20 (due to the leap year maybe?) but most of us up here waited until the traditional 21st to celebrate, since it coincides with Canada’s Aboriginal Day.

Everyone of my relatives who has been here talks about visiting the Midnight Dome on the summer solstice. Two years ago we spent the night having beers and bar hopping, so we weren’t about to take that rental camper van up the steep climb to the Dome.

Jeff wasn’t wanting to go tonight either, since he has to work tomorrow, but I think he preferred to chauffeur me than letting me drive his truck up solo 😉

We didn’t stay until the sunset, but here are some pictures from 11:40pm – midnight. The sunset doesn’t actually happen until closer to 1am tonight, and then the sky stays in a sunset mode until it rises again in the 3am hour.

Sunset & Sunrise times for June 21, 2016 in Dawson City, Yukon - 12:52am & 3:48am

Sunset & Sunrise times for June 21, 2016 in Dawson City, Yukon


Almost everyone up here was a tourist, and some must have come from really warm climates because I saw ear muffs, coats, and blankets! (It wasn’t too cold – about 13C.)

20160621-DSC_0013 20160621-DSC_0016 20160621-DSC_0018 20160621-DSC_0021

Lots of lawnchairs, GoPros, and beers on the Dome tonight!20160621-DSC_0022 20160621-DSC_0023 20160621-DSC_0025 20160621-DSC_0027 20160621-DSC_0034 20160621-DSC_0035 20160621-DSC_0037 20160621-DSC_0040 20160621-DSC_0041 20160621-DSC_0042


With just minutes to go before midnight, an ultralight plane started buzzing by the dome!20160621-DSC_0048 20160621-DSC_0051 20160621-DSC_0058 20160621-DSC_0066 20160621-DSC_0071

Happy Summer everyone!