We predicted a low key weekend since it is so cold outside, but it turns out there are tons of things to do!

First, we went to the Visitor’s Centre to place our votes in this year’s Gingerbread Competition. Here are a couple great ones:

At 12:30pm it was -35°C. The sun does rise here, unlike our northern neighbours in Inuvik or Old Crow. But because the town of Dawson City has these hills around it, the direct sun doesn’t hit town for a couple of months.

That is the north end of town above, with the Moosehide Slide. Below is looking south on Front St. from the visitor’s centre. The town rec centre/gym is on the right between Front Street and the Yukon River.

For about an hour or so we can see the sun on the tops of the hills.

The river is still open in front of town. I understand the situation now! There was an ice dam that froze up river, which stopped the chunks of ice from flowing by. Without the ice chunks to freeze together, the river just isn’t freezing, despite it being pretty chilly now for weeks. The open water often has this ice fog cloud above it:

Our sun pretty much rises in the southeast and sets in the southwest. Here you can see that it just doesn’t get high enough to clear that hill behind town. Early in January it should start shining on the river and Front street again.

So we decided if the sun wasn’t going to come to us today, we were going to the sun! We drove up the Dome Rd. until we were high enough on the hill to see the sun!

Hello there gorgeous ball of fire! Haven’t seen you in weeks!

The light from the sun is what you would expect from a sunrise or sunset, because that is as high as it gets from the horizon.

Then we went for some groceries, since the truck was running (beats walking home with groceries).

Tonight is the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Community Feast. They invite the entire community to the school gym for a Christmas feast, awards, singing, dancing, and visit from Santa. We didn’t go last year and I’m really looking forward to it.

Then tomorrow I’ll probably lose Jeff to football all day, but I might start some Christmas baking!