Jeff and I try to meet for lunch at a restaurant once a week. Mostly this is for my benefit, I suspect. In the winter it is easy to squirrel myself away inside, and since I work at home, I can go days without seeing people. I love walking, but I do less of it the colder it gets, and when it is dark most of the day.

Here are some iPhone pics from my walk home from my lunch date today. I won’t adjust the brightness at all so these are as shot around 1pm at -20°C.

The river still is open in front of town! Jeff says people are now suspecting it won’t freeze and we may not even have an ice road this year? The theory has something to do with when and how it froze up and down stream which has left this section in front of town open, without even having ice on it. The current is still pretty swift. There is a trail for people across the river to journey into town, but it is a 4 hour walk!