Happy New Year!

Dawson City had fireworks at 10pm, so we went down on the frozen part of the river bed, Jeff with the Nikon D90, and me with the GoPro. Neither of us really know what we’re doing. It is not like there are fireworks that often to practice 😆. Here are our 28 best ones.

First up, Jeff’s shots from the Nikon:

Looks like he had a shaky start, but he got it all figured out!

And here are some from the GoPro:

Suddenly when we though the show was over, there were fireworks up on the lookout across the river! Also some up on the Dome!

But the main show wasn’t done yet!

The smoke was getting thick though!

Clearly Jeff wins on the Nikon, but I like how the GoPro was capturing the river scene, and the ones with the two people who came down on the river in front of our view look particularly neat.

Happy 2017!


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