Remember last year when Jeff and I went for a sled dog ride with B-line Racing? (pictures) Well that was Brian & Melissa Wilmshurst, and Brian is racing in the Yukon Quest again this year.

He just made it into Dawson just before the supper hour today in 10th place. His dogs looked really good, barking and yipping and excited!

Here’s a few pictures of his team!

Each team starts the race with 14 dogs, and are able to drop dogs as they go, but can’t replace any. Brian is still strong with 12 dogs at the half way mark.


Interviews with media.

And off he went to put the dogs to bed for the night… or maybe a 36 hour nap! We’ll be counting Brian down during our volunteer shift in 36 hours when he departs for the second half of the race!Since Brian lives outside of Dawson, I bet he’s looking forward to his own bed tonight too – rather than curling up with his dogs on the straw like he probably did the last few nights!