Jeff’s Mom and Dad just came for a visit as part of their west coast holiday.

We showed them the sites! In the above photo, we’re up on the Midnight Dome.

We also toured Dredge #4.

And we panned for gold!

We all found some!! These are the smiles of 4 new victims of the gold fever.

The weather was great, with only smokey conditions one evening while they were here.

We drove out on the Top of the World Highway too to show them the scenery. There is still a bit of snow, so I threw a snowball!

We didn’t see any wildlife, but I saw a poppa moose track, a baby moose track, and a wolf’s footprint.

No trip across the river is complete without pausing for a bit at the lookout towards town. I just LOVE this spot.

On Sunday we went for a river cruise on the Klondike Spirit

It was a nice 90 minute cruise down and up the Yukon River.

We saw Moosehide Village, and the steamboat graveyard.

When we got off the boat, I was walking across Front Street, and there was my Uncle Paul from Ontario driving by. We both started pointing at each other. He had my Automattic business card in his hand, with my photo on it, and was heading to the Visitor’s Centre to see if anyone knew me or where I lived (he didn’t come equipped with my address or phone number). However we found each other first! I knew he was coming sometime in June, but didn’t know when!


So we had a bit of an overlap with our house guests, but that is okay! The more the merrier! We walked over to the Aurora for a schnitzel and caught up.

On Monday, Jeff and his dad went fishing up the Dempster and his Mom and I hit the shops in town while Uncle Paul went off exploring the gold fields to see if he could find his Eldorado!

Uncle Paul was in Dawson City back in 1979! He still had his 1979 Gertie’s pass, and photos of his trip. He said the town was much more dilapidated back then and was quite pleased to see the state of the town now.

He helped us with a few projects here at our new house, including levelling one of the garage doors so it opened properly (damn that permafrost!), fixed our side screen door, and added trim that had been damaged around the side garage door. We kept him hydrated in the meantime (with Yukon Gold) and fed him a Greek feast at the Drunken Goat.

His cousin lives here too, so we met her for Happy Hour at the Pit:

Now he’s up the Dempster somewhere, exploring life above the Arctic Circle, and Jeff’s parents are boarding a train in BC on the next leg of their vacation.