Today was probably supposed to be more productive, but I had a terrific hangover and the rain in the forecast postponed our firewood mission. So we went fishing.

Actually I didn’t fish at all. I felt more like wandering around, exploring, taking pictures. We were up at the North Fork of the North Klondike River, where water used to be sourced for a big ditch that started here and went to a power generating station to provide gold miners with water and electricity back in the early 1900’s.

It was overcast, a bit humid, with rain on its way. Which would seem like prime time mosquito feasting weather, but oddly enough, there were really none. Unless last evening’s draft beer and sangria seeping out of my skin chased them all away.

While Jeff waded around in the cold river in his sexy neoprene waders, I watched birds, ants, and looked at the blooming fireweed, what was left of the wild rose plants, and debated playing with my fun big bush knife, but opted for the camera instead since I was feeling a bit klutzy.

I have taken photos of these relics before, but they are so neat. Here is an old steam boiler and steam shovel.

Last time I didn’t notice the decades of trash stashed in the old boiler!
While I was wandering, Jeff finally found the fish!

He tossed a bunch back, but then kept these three grayling for our supper.