We headed back up to the North Klondike River to go fishing after work today. We took Anna, visiting from Manitoba, with us so she could use her new Yukon fishing license and fishing pole!

While Jeff and Anna fished, I made a fire and cooked some smokies for us.

The bugs weren’t too bad until maybe 7:30pm or so when the mosquitos started waking up and eating my ankles. Before that just the horseflies were biting.

I didn’t fish and instead wandered around exploring. I even found a quarter! And then dropped it. I spent 10 minutes in that spot trying to find the damned thing again. Can you see it?

I waded in the river a bit. And by waded, I mean the tops of my feet got wet in my sandals. Any deeper and I’d have hypothermia. Haha! That mountain run off is no joke. Brrr!

On the way back to the Dempster, I spotted a momma moose and her calf hanging out in some swampy water. Moose babies are so cute! No time for a picture, they quickly splashed off out of sight.