Once, I loved you

But you made me sweat

I don’t like sleeping in a divot

And I really don’t like climbing a hill

to find my husband on the other side

You are dead to me


I had such love for our new memory foam TEMPUR-Plush Preferred mattress in November 2014 (proof).

Yesterday my love finally died.

In just 3 years, the mattress has gotten so bad, such deep crevices, such high mountains. Let’s be honest, as nice as it sounds to sleep in the same hole you slept in last night, no one wants this. And if you do the unthinkable, like switch sides of the bed, well forget about it. You’ll want to sleep in someone else’s divot even less.

Worst of all, I sweat to death every night sleeping on that damn mattress. Every morning I woke up wet and gross and stinky.

Sorry guests, we’ve claimed the new guest bed mattress for our own. Guests and the cat can “enjoy” this expensive mistake. Don’t worry, I’ll clean the sweaty sheets before you arrive šŸ™‚