As far as we know, Hank is half Alaskan husky, and half Greenland Dog. But is he?

For kicks, I bought Jeff a DNA kit for Hank for Christmas from Embark. While the kit was the most expensive, it seems to have much better reviews and accuracy than most of the cheaper kits. I also researched what dog breeds the companies tested for, because the Greenland Dog breed isn’t on most of the lists.

There are 175 breeds they test for now, including wolf and coyote!

Alaska huskies are likely part Siberian husky, but they were bred with a bunch of other breeds to make a fast sled dog. I wonder what else is mixed in with Hank?

I took his saliva sample on the swab and sent it back. We should know his results in a month or so! The results will also include any sign of genetic health concerns which will be interesting. Here are the health conditions they test for:

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