What a gorgeous day to get out on the trails!

This weekend is the Trek Over the Top event. It’s a snowmobile ride from Tok, Alaska over here to Dawson City for three days of fun before they return home.

Jeff joined the Sled Dawgs club here so he has been out working on trails and then helped out with a warm up tent out towards the border for their ride in on Thursday.

Yesterday was the sled drop, where an old sled is dropped from a helicopter onto the frozen river. Underneath, people have bought wooden stakes and stick them in the snow. The closest stake to where the sled falls wins the 50:50 prize! This year it was over $2,000!

Today was the poker run. It is an hour ride or so through the woods near town. You stop and draw cards to randomly form a poker hand. There were also smokies and hot chocolate along the way. Here are some pics.

We stopped along the way to lend some tools to this young lad who had to replace the belt on his machine.


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