Despite feeling lousy on the weekend, I couldn’t miss our annual Doors Open Dawson event.

Once a year, on the May long weekend during the Gold Show, Parks Canada opens a handful of buildings for viewing that are rarely seen.

There were two gems this year that I just couldn’t miss!

First, one of the kissing buildings!

Oh shoot, I didn’t take a picture from the front – you know the iconic Third Ave complex here? The buildings that are leaning into each other due to permafrost? Let me dig up a picture. Here you go!

So the first couple pictures are looking into the door on the right:

They’ve added some structural beams to save the building from falling over. They’ve also added fire detection and there is power to the building. 

This was part of a hotel and hasn’t been occupied since the 1930’s. Nothing has been touched much since!

They said we could go around the back and see more! Look at this beauty!It’s been a bit leaky in here, the floor is half dirt, half decaying wood planks. The wallpaper is hanging off the walls. Look at this! A bathroom!Look at this old wheelbarrow! I love this town! ❤

Afterwards we went to see one of the oldest buildings in town – one of the original warehouses. There used to be 4 of these, but just one is left. It doesn’t even look particularly old, so I suspect most of the pieces have been replaced over the years?These warehouses were located up on 5th Avenue, up and out of immediate flood danger, and were accessible by tram tracks or horse team from the waterfront. Back in the early days of Dawson, all goods arrived by steam boat, and only in the summer, so these warehouses were needed to store all the goods. They carefully stored necessities in each, in case of fire (which was pretty common in Dawson’s early days) so a fire wouldn’t take out a year’s worth of flour supply, for instance.

Here you can see there are still tracks down the center of the building to help move the freight. Parks Canada has built storage cages along the sides for their own use.