I’m officially a cueball now!

I wasn’t upset with the first buzzcut trim or the hair falling out, but shortly after it was down to under an inch long, the shedding was relentless. It covered everything. Showering took a long time because I was covered in shedding hair. Washing my hair left my hands completely covered like I was bathing a husky. Every time I went to shut off the water to end my shower I’d notice more hair covering me. When I got out of the shower, I’d need a towel just for my shedding head, and another for my body, and they’d still both have enough hair on them they went right into the wash. I kept a cap on the rest of the day to catch the hairs and every hour I’d lean over the tub and rub my head, covering the tub with hair. And it hurt. Every hair on my head hurt.

And that’s when I broke down and cried. I felt like a shedding dog. I felt dirty. I needed Jeff to just get rid of the rest.

So we went back out to the garage and Jeff took his trimmer and cut off the rest of my hair. Finally my hair didn’t hurt.

It is shocking. I’m bald and my head needs a tan. I’ve got bumps and lumps and moles on my head. It’s shocking to catch my reflection in the mirror. But it feels kinda neat at the same time! I can’t stop rubbing my head!

I’m not used to the bald head chemo caps I got. Like do I tuck in my ears? But then I can’t hear? Here’s my fleece one I wore to my appointments this morning (it was chilly this morning!)

So back to the perks.

Showering! What do I even need to do in the shower now? Lather up, rinse, and done! Showering time is way less than half without shampoo and conditioner. My leg hair is starting to go and most of my armpit hair is gone, so no more shaving! Another perk!

My old lady rogue random whiskers fall out when I touch them. Yay!

I’m down in Whitehorse in advance of chemo dose #2 tomorrow. I didn’t have to pack a brush! Handy! Because I usually forget to pack one.

And for the first time in my life, no bed head! Every day of my life previously I woke up looking like I spun on my head all night.

Windy? No problem! No hair to mess up!

Heck, who needs to even shower! Now I can have relaxing baths and never have to worry about getting the bath suds in my hair or washing my hair after. I love baths!

And look at all the room in our shower now without all my shampoos and razors. Jeff can expand and have more than a few inches of shelf space now. Hehe.

I was a little shy going out at first, but who cares. I wear a baseball cap or head chemo cap thingy. I have no interest in a wig. That’s sounds like too much work. I usually wore a baseball cap anyway. I wonder if I’ll ever be brave enough to go outside bald. I predict I will, since I don’t cover my sexy head at home or in my hotel room. I keep it free and available for my fingers to explore it. Hahaha. But then again, it’s getting awfully cold outside. (There is snow on our mountain tops now!) I just ordered a new sheepskin hat for winter with the fleece inside and ear flaps. Sounds heavenly!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’ll welcome my hair back next year when I’m done this chemo, but for now I’ll just keep on keepin’ on and make the most of my new style. It is kinda neat!