When I brushed my hair this morning, I knew it was for the last time. I cleaned out my brush last night and it was full again just from one quick brush!

I put a cap on and told Jeff today was the day he needed to buzz it. He was hesitant, since it still looked like I had a head of hair, and didn’t want me to regret it or jump the gun, but every time I ran my fingers through my hair, I came out with a fist full.

Here’s earlier today:

Here’s what I found when I went back and checked my pillow:

After Jeff came home from work, we went to the garage, cracked open a beer, and buzzed it off!

And here it is!

Ha ha, okay, without the hat:

It’s all greasy and weird so I just washed it and now it looks like this:


It’s super uneven, but still falling out REALLY quickly, so it may not even be worth fixing.

I kinda like it! If it wasn’t falling out, I’d have fun styling it!

PS. I didn’t even cry!