Yesterday was a beautiful day, and 8 of us took our four wheelers for an adventure. We were out for about 6 hours, visiting a part of the Yukon back country I’ve never seen. There were some roads here from some placer (gold) mines that aren’t active now. There was no vehicle traffic here, just piles of bear poo, lots of dust, and gorgeous scenery.

I didn’t take too many pictures. I had my iPhone in my hoodie pocket for awhile, but even in the pocket it was getting covered it grit and dust so I put it away in my trunk.

We stopped a bunch of times for snacks and looking around. There was a good thunder storm brewing nearby but we didn’t get too wet, just a light rain that was a bit refreshing. I was kinda hoping for more to keep the dust down. Despite having a buff over my face, sunglasses, goggles, and helmet, my eyes were dirty and I was chewing on so much sand!

We ran out of road at one point and went through a skidder road in the woods, where it looked like someone had been thinking of extending a road. It ended at a river. We knew we were getting close to a separate road network, so we drove along the river bank for a bit to find a crossing and hopefully a path, but it didn’t work out. Gorgeous though!

My arms were so beat. I have power steering, but the muscles in your arms take a real work out when you go up and down rough terrain or have to slam on your brakes and brace yourself.

When we got home, I found I had gravel and dirt in my bra (I had two shirts on! How’d it get there!). Jeff power washed our quads. My goggles need a good bath now.

By the 9pm hour, I was done. I fell asleep. Jeff said in the middle of the night I was moaning in pain from my broken body and he offered me Advil but I guess I declined and fell asleep again. 😀