We had plans to go camping about 90 minutes north of here this weekend with some friends. This weekend is a long weekend in the Yukon. It is “Disco Days” or Discovery Day. The anniversary of the first gold strike in the Yukon that kicked off the Klondike Gold Rush.

It is also the start of fall here. Not as the calendar goes, but by the weather. Our leaves are turning, the rain is falling, and some people have already lost their flower beds to frost.

We have a decent tent, and now we both have -40 sleeping bags. We have a big thick air mattress, queen sized, and warm clothes.

But this is the forecast for the weekend:

When we saw this, with the rain and snow, we jumped on Kijiji searching for “used trailer”.

The next day, Jeff drove down to Whitehorse during the night, and came back with this:

Our new camping trailer

It’s longer than we need, nicer, newer, bigger, and we have no idea where we are going to park it when we’re not camping. But who cares.

I can’t wait to go camping now!


The forecast for the weekend is getting even colder!