On a three week long, trip of a lifetime, my brother Brian, his wife Leanne, and their kids Hadley and Easton are touring around the Yukon.

We’ve spent two long weekends with them, and in between they went up the Dempster to the Arctic Ocean at Tuktoyaktuk while we worked.

I had an absolute blast hanging out with them! The kids are at a real good age, 12 and 8, to really have a good time doing things with adults, and still think we’re cool. HA!

We PACKED adventure in. We:

  • panned for gold
  • metal detected up treasure in our yard
  • they taught me how to play Pokemon Go and we walked the Dawson streets several times hunting Pokemon
  • went fishing for an afternoon
  • toured the Bear Creek historical complex
  • toured the old abandoned town of Forty Mile
  • went blueberry picking
  • played cards (Go Fish and Euchre) and chess and Chinese checkers
  • went to a play
  • had Brian up on stage during a show at Gerties
  • had Brian up on stage during the play at the Palace Grand
  • the kids were chosen to be judges for the interactive play
  • had an old time photo shoot
  • took Brian and Leanne out for a night of way too much beer
  • helped Brian and Leanne join the Sour Toe Cocktail club
  • had ice cream along the Yukon River
  • soaked in our hot tub
Supper time
Some random drunken stranger
Karaoke night at the Pit
Me kissing the toe again. #chemocurls
Hadley finding the friendly neighbourhood cat “Casey Jones”
Easton giving me Pokemon Go tips
Midnight Dome
Such a great view it looks like a fake backdrop
Hank tagging along to the playground
Gold panning lessons
Our neighbour Sylvia showing them how to refine their gold
Brian at Claim 33
Easton showing his vile of Yukon Gold
Panning in the river
I found a clinker!
I babysat while these 3 went to Gertie’s
Pokemon hunting
Pokemon hunting on the river
Easton skipping stones on the Yukon River
Ice Cream!
Bear Creek tour
Fishing lessons
Fish on!
Proud catch
Serious business
Expert fisherman
Watching the fishing
We’re awesome
This was so much fun
Uncle Jeff
Bear Creek history
Play at the Palace Grand – front row!
Brian got called up on stage!
Easton posing after the play with the actors
Their rental rig
When they headed up the Dempster
Bear Creek machine shop
One of my favourite buildings
Easton not being bored during the tour
Blueberry picking
Brian getting a couple
They said they found the blueberry motherlode!
Hadley was very proud of her berries!
Time to split ways 🙁

Hank was an absolute dream with the kids! He was like Uncle Hank and when I woke up one morning he was sitting between my niece and nephew on the couch watching cartoons!

Too bad we live so far away!