On Thursday, during the noon hour, I ran some errands downtown and while I was outside the Bonanza Market, a native elder came up to me and said:

Snow. Two Days.

I made a mental list of all the things we needed to do if the snow was really going to come in two days.

  • cut and stack the last load of firewood
  • take the shade cloth off Hank’s kennel
  • put the hoses away
  • get the wheelbarrow put away
  • dump the flower pots and get them put away
  • rake the leaves off the front steps up from the gate
  • tarp the wood racks

27 hours after the elder’s prognostication…

It snowed.

It’s Sunday morning now, -8C, and there is still snow! And I didn’t get many of those things done!

Robert Service’s cabin, a half block behind our house, a few days apart:

Dad messaged me yesterday to ask if I had writer’s block, and if that is why I haven’t blogged. No! Never. Just always busy doing something! Take longer walks, and planning my trip to Holland!

I’m going to visit relatives I’ve never met and see the house where my Grandpa was born and raised! I’m going to Rotterdam for work, and staying an extra week to see my paternal homeland! Jeff is going to come and join me for a week too. His first time over the ocean!

Let me catch you up on what I’ve been up to, with photos:

View from our friend’s outhouse
Yukon River during evening walk
Yukon River a couple days before the above one
Yukon Order of Pioneer’s cemetery on 8th Ave.
Muddy wet walk, low clouds
Most tourists are gone, most everything was boarded up this week.
Daylight is getting drastically shorter
This boat is looking for a guy’s pickup truck that rolled into the river last weekend. Truck still missing.
My hair is most ridiculous.
And so is my dog.
Flamingos above the hot tub.
Old wood and homemade hardware, love it.
The old Strait’s Auction house
3rd Ave. complex, the “kissing buildings” from a different angle.
Nice patina on the tin of this shed, spotted while wandering a back alley.
This crooked old church
The old jail.
New iPhone 11 Pro Max captures northern lights on just the default setting!
View from where our trailer was temporarily parked.
Trying out the new portrait filters on my phone, look at the chemo curls!
Hank the weirdo.
view from my office window. Getting chilly stripped down to jump in here!
I love the heat from our wood stove.
RIP H. Swalgrass.
Homemade pizza. SO GOOD.
Hank stopping for two seconds before he pulled me around the neighbourhood in the snow yesterday.

Just today we got our trailer tucked away in its winter home, under a roof, inches away from our friend’s larger trailer.