I took a quick drive down to Whitehorse on Thursday – Friday for some medical appointments.

I left at 5:30am and drove half way in the dark, stopping once in Stewart Crossing to re-torque all my lug nuts, since Jeff was sweet enough to put my winter studded tires on a couple nights before. Good thing I checked, at least three of them had loosened!

Made it in 6 hours with only a fox making my wildlife spotted list. But that is okay, because it was dark!

The first appointment was with my gynecologist for my next every-three-month check-up. Never been to a gynecologist? Here’s the view while you wait for the doctor to join you:

Good news! He said everything was good, all normal. Wahooooo! And he said I can wait 4 months before the next check-up!

This time I didn’t go quite as crazy the week before hand, but the stress/anxiety was there. By the time I returned to my car after the check-up, my first instinct was I wanted to bawl my eyes out to let it out. I didn’t. But I wanted to!

I went back to my hotel and debated my supper. I shouldn’t have checked my Domino’s pizza app. But those rascals set all the free pizza points I acquired during chemo to expire in less than a month, so I ordered another so I now have enough to cash in for a free pizza.

The next morning was dark and gloomy and ridiculously windy! I headed back to the hospital for some incisions!

Remember me talking about the lumps on my head that I hated so much when I was bald. They are cysts and they run in my family and I hate them so much. Finally I convinced a doctor to refer me to the minor surgical procedure room to remove the biggest ones!

It was a bit of a gong show really. The surgeon was over 70 and colour blind and together with the nurse we had a fun time! Even laughed together when one of the cysts he removed, that looked like a bean, bounced off my shoe and on to the floor. He had froze one bump but then removed a different one and I felt every bit of it because it wasn’t numbed. I didn’t say a word though because I wanted them gone so bad. I don’t know that they needed so much freezing because it didn’t hurt that bad. The freezing lasted for hours and hours!

So I’ve got 4 stitches on one side of my head where he removed two lumps, and another one at the back of my head. And just because I love the excitement, I’m travelling to Holland on Monday/Tuesday, so I’m going to a work event with stitches. He used blue stitches and left them really long so I hopefully I can find a coworker to help take them out in 7-10 days. They even gave me a blade to made it easier.

Gotta say, it is tricky to find part of my head to sleep on at the moment!

I was about to head out back home right afterwards, but Jeff messaged and said the highway was closed because of freezing rain. I gassed up and headed out anyway, hoping it would open by the time I got to that section, and it was!

Overall, I had only 20 minutes or so of white knuckled driving in slush and rain and snow south of the Tintina Trench area. Not bad really. It was nice to take a solo trip! I haven’t taken my car for a long drive in a couple of years.

And now, two days later, I’m back in Whitehorse! I flew down this afternoon to catch a flight tomorrow to Vancouver and then on to Amsterdam, where I’ll catch a train to Rotterdam for the VIP Grand Meetup! I’m excited to see my coworkers!