The extreme cold was supposed to end on Sunday. Then Monday. It’s already moved on to Friday and now it’s been extended now until tomorrow too.

This is extraordinary! I’m feeling like I’m getting used to it? One day, just one morning, it warmed up to -31C for a few hours, and it felt SO WARM. Then back to the minus forties.

I delay opening the blinds in the morning, because all of our windows make it colder in here (and they are covered in a bunch of ice). It’s noticeably warmer in here when we close the blinds again in the evening. I Just can’t close them during the day though. Give me daylight!

We’re still walking Hank once a day, but not for very long! He turned back last night about 10 minutes in! I kept going to get a good 30 minute power walk in, but it is entirely different walking with so many clothes on!

We’re burning lots of wood. We’re a bit worried we won’t have enough, but we’ll probably be fine. We have a couple cords left still stacked and another load in the wagon we can buck up once it is warmer to run the chainsaw.

Before I get to my phone dump of recent photos, you should know that my baby niece is the cutest:

And now some photos from around town, and inside our house.

The diesel backup generators have been running day and night to keep up with the power demand in the territory. This really adds to all the ice fog hanging around in town.

It’s funny what I call windy these days. When we get 10km/hr of wind, it feels WINDY (and cold). Meanwhile I’ve been listening to Newfoundland radio broadcasts all day where they are getting the blizzard of a lifetime with 160km/hr wind gusts! I love following a good storm!

Here’s our new water treatment building that has been constructed over the last year or two on 5th Ave.

The museum looked particularly nice last night:

Hank is so bored. A good bored. He isn’t into mischief. He seems to know he can’t be out as often as he wants to be. But he demands a walk every night. I’m not kidding when I say “demands”! He’s in charge.

In other news, the sun is coming back! Everyday I watch it. Yesterday it hit the back of the train museum, and today it hit the back corner of the hospital. Just another half block to our house! Maybe next week?