It was warm up on the Dome this afternoon! Twenty degrees with a light breeze and hot sun. I was the only one around, so I wandered around to see the crocuses’s last days and to watch the birds.

The crocuses are everywhere now, but looking a little worn. I can’t decide how I like these ones framed, so you are getting both photos (above and below).

As they age, the purple seems to fade and lose its vibrance.

Here are some past their prime:

See them all over the slope?

I watched a couple birds bathing in this puddle of melted snow.

OOO my truck is sexy 🤩 haha

There are interesting things to see everywhere, even up at this look out.

We’ve had a few incredibly warm days, which has melted most of the snow in about a week! The rivers are nice and high and swift!

A couple more days and we’re going to have leaves on these trees!