I drove up the Dempster again today, checking the progress of spring, making sure everything is thawing as it should.

The sun was warm, but it was super gusty and although it was 12C in town, I hit -2C up in the Tombstone Territory Park!

Here’s the Tombstone lookout I always stop to photograph.

OOO it pays off to drive slow and look around. I caught a glimpse of these caribou! I stopped the truck and photographed them through the willow brush.

There were 3 of them, and they were very alert and nervous about my presence, so I left them alone and carried on.

Hey look, a ptarmigan on the side of the road! I saw several today, and they were all noticeably browner than last week. They are all white in the winter, except for that eyebrow piece that stays red. In the summer they are brown. Neat, eh?

There were more bodies of water open this time, and ducks everywhere! My duck identification skills are poor, but they were pretty. I saw 3 snow geese too first thing today, walking down the Klondike Highway! No pictures though.

Further north, I saw more caribou! Just hanging out. I really wonder if they aren’t the pregnant ones, coming here to give birth. It’s just about that time!

I ate lunch with this bird. I don’t know what it is either, but it’s still peeved I didn’t share.

Then, just a further along, I happened to look left and BOOM there is a moose standing still and watching me.

She didn’t seem scared at all, and was really pretty close to me. She looks wide though, you think? Momma to be?

And another ptarmigan isn’t going to make it to summer. The rabbit population is at the low end of its cycle (usually a 7 year cycle) so I think everything is eating the poor ptarmigan this year. I saw many white areas like this, full of feathers.

And some more pretty ducks!

Jeff said these next two are likely green winged teals.

Hey, you’re not a duck!

This guy was a quick little swimmer. I wonder what it is. I gotta brush up on my bird ID skills.

Another great afternoon solo adventure! Still no bears spotted though!

I need a nap….