Remembrance Day falling mid week was a perfectly timed break, away from work, meetings, and obligations. We both took the chance to sleep in, which is remarkably easy when the sunrise was 10:34am today.

We went out for lunch, and then Jeff went to work putting new wooden rails on his new flat bed trailer. He sold his 12 foot trailer we used for firewood and bought a 16 foot double axle, so we can transport both of our quads on it, rather than have to load one into the back of the truck. And it miraculously still fits in the small parking spot beside our garage. Whew!

I was able to get my truck out of the garage (we got a big dump of snow and the back alley wasn’t plowed out well) and I took a little drive with my camera for the first time since my sabbatical.

I went down to the ferry crossing, where a winter road will be soon. The Yukon River froze fast this year. The West Dawson residents across the river were only cut off for a little over two weeks and then a foot path went in.

My friend Gaby was there. She came across on her snowmobile for the first time to pick up her partner Dan so they could swap spots (they live on opposite sides of the river).

She said there is a bit of overflow (wet water) on either side of the crossing, but it wasn’t too bad.

It was chilly though! It’s only -15°C today but feels much colder when you’re standing outside. We’ve had some real cold spells this fall (-34°C last week), and had a couple good dumps of snow. It feels like the start of a good ol’ fashioned winter!

I missed the peak of the orangey/pinky glow in the sky, but that’s okay, I’ll catch it again.

Then I attempted to go to the top of the Dome, but it wasn’t plowed out past the fire tower road.

I’ve got a new set of winter studded tires on my truck, and that with the four wheel drive, makes it an amazing truck to get around in the winter. I just got a 20 inch light bar I’m hoping to mount in the grill too, in case I have to drive to Whitehorse in the winter. That’s a long dark highway with no traffic and a bunch of wildlife! We were down last week and Jeff’s big lightbars helped us spot a lynx sitting in the middle of the road at night.