My friend Tarie asked if I wanted to go with her to a macrame and health remedy sale today. Hmmmmm. Would I be obligated to buy macrame I asked? She laughed and said nope, so I was in!

She picked me up at sunrise. Which sounds early, but the sun rise was at 10:45am today 🙂

It was a chilly, but beautiful morning. Jeff had been up for hours already, teaching a firearms safety course at the college. Wait, it’s a University now.

The sale was in this cute little cabin south of town in the Dredgepond subdivision.

Dad: This is the lady who you bought my chaga from. Here is a picture of chaga in its raw form:

She had all sorts of natural tinctures and ointments. I bought some lip balm, and honey with spruce tips essence in it, and a calming tincture (I’ve been uncharacteristically grumpy this week, so maybe it’ll fix me up.)

I didn’t buy any macrame, but I bought the cutest little succulent transplant I hope I can nurture and see it grow.

Our other friend was planning to join us for coffee after, but isn’t an early riser, so while she was getting up, I tagged along with Tarie while she ran a few errands, and then we drove up the dome which was all plowed out now.

These pictures are from 11:50am. The sun isn’t getting too high anymore, and has a nice orange and pink glow. Soon we won’t see the direct sun in town because of the hills that block it.

The snow or frost was coating all the of the trees and everything was still.

If you are a cloud expert, Tarie would love to know what those snow slalom looking clouds are off in the distance.

We drove all the way up to the lookout, and when we got out to look at the trees, we saw the most beautiful thing. They were all covered it a super light, delicate frost that looked like feathers.

As soon as you touch it, it would crumble and fall.

I only had my iPhone with me, but hopefully you can see the feathery frost in these images.

Winter is so so beautiful. Have you ever seen frost like this?

The white trees were such a contrast from the blue winter sky.

We froze our hands almost off taking shots with our phones.

There was a very subtle breeze up here. Any more and I think the frost would start to fall.

I love that it is plowed up here! I think I’ll make a point of coming up here to get a bit of sun at lunch time, once we stop seeing it in town!

This is my grin-and-bare-it-but-it-is-so-f’n-cold-without-mitts face.

Join me for a selfie Tarie!!

I called this next one “Cold O’Clock”. Look at all the frost on the sign already!

There’s the shaded town down below in the next picture. These hills are why we don’t get sunshine from the second half of November until January in town.

Here’s a few more of the view.

And the frozen Yukon River.

Once I deemed the frost taking over my fingers as certainly fatal, we got back into the warm car with the butt heaters and headed back to town. We picked up Janet and went to the Red Mammoth for lunch and I warmed up with this delicious hot chocolate and whipped cream that I completely scalded my tongue with.

After lunch we hit some shops and did some Christmas shopping. What a great Saturday. Thanks ladies!