Stuck in your house? Finding new definitions for boredom, loneliness, grumpiness? Let me help fix your mood, for a few moments anyway!

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

You can find this movie on Netflix. I watched it without seeing the trailer, so I had no idea what to expect, but I’ll include the trailer below in case that helps convince you to watch. This movie is from New Zealand and it is a real gem! It is a feel good movie (my favourite kind) but still has action, moments to gasp, cringe, look away, shriek, and cry. It is unique and wonderful. Watch it!

Gurdeep Pandher

Gurdeep is a fellow Yukoner and his daily Bhangra dancing videos are such a delight! Gurdeep is a happy ray of sunshine and I encourage you to stand up and dance along! Here’s a link to one of his recent Instagram posts:

You can find Gurdeep videos on Youtube too – Here is a quick lesson to get you started!

Ta ta for now!