What’s a girl to do on a Sunday afternoon when football is on?

Go for a hike!

My exercise hike took a real nose dive for a couple of months, as it always seems to in the darkest time of the year. But I could see the sun on the top of the hills, so I got my snowpants and coat on and headed up the hill.

It’s fairly warm today too, just -14C.

The big meanie I am, I didn’t take Hank. He would have loved it. But he has to stay on a leash or he’ll run away, and the 6 foot leash is too short, and the flexi-leash is too hard to hold onto with mittens.

Winter hiking is sooooo beautiful. And maybe a little slow. But that’s perfect.

The sun was just clearing the hill across the river and it was so gorgeous!

I’ve gotta do this more often.