I took today off work today. I’ve put in so many extra hours lately that I knew I had to take a day in lieu and just … not work.

I got up early and before sunrise I was already at the hardware store looking for a new cat bed for Sally (I can just not get her hair to wash off of hers), and stopped into the bookkeepers to sign our monthly cheques for the Humane Society.

I stopped at the corner store and saw a pink sky!

The freedom to know there was nothing else I had to be doing! I thought about where I could go watch the sun rise, and decided to drive up to the Dome lookout. No camera other than my phone, no toque (although I knew I had an emergency one in the back of my truck).

I’m not going to touch up these photos. In real life it isn’t blue like this, but the phone likes to make everything blue in the dim winter. In reality, the pink against the white snow was almost breathtaking! This is on Mary McLeod, just before the cemeteries.

That’s a street light in the middle, not the sun (yet).

Because I have this ridiculous love of my truck (which I’ve had for a year now!) I try to get her in the shot 😀

I stopped half way up the Dome Rd at the first look out to see if I missed the sun coming up yet. Nope! Better keep going!

Looking back towards town.

OK one more with my truck and the sunrise.

Soon enough I was up on top of the Midnight Dome for the sunrise! It was so windy and cold up there. Biting wind. But what is better than having nothing to do but watch the sunrise! This was 10:09am. We have so much more daylight already. Just a couple months back it was rising after noon!

My house is down there in the shade.

OK. One more.

So beautiful. I got a call as I was heading back down to town. My Dad also took the day off and was off on an adventure. He had already done a winter hike and then was at Sauble Beach checking if it had an icy shore. Lots of slush he said!

Have a great day everyone! Don’t work too much!