Our ambition could be applauded. We planned a drive up the Dempster on our Yukon Heritage day off on Friday.

We packed our snowpants, emergency supplies, camera, binoculars, firewood, the dog, water, winter sleeping bag, and smokies for a lunch over a fire.

We drove straight up to Tombstone, through some blinding sun, and blowing snow.

We made it to the lookout, got out to take pictures.

Got back in the truck in less than 3 minutes and decided cooking our smokie sausages at home on the barbeque could be just as much fun, and turned around and drove straight home.

So much for adventurous, eh?

We totally wussed out from the cold and wind. Because it was cold! and windy!

Here are the quick point and click like photos before my fingers froze off.

The drive was beautiful.

The smokies were delicious.