The cancer I had is most likely to return within the first two years after treatment. Last week was my two year check up after finishing chemo and radiation in March 2019 and I was anxious! I told the doctor this at my appointment, and he said, nah, 18 months really, you’ve been fine for awhile.


Well, that’s good! I’m still alive and kicking! I am! Despite not posting here. Even with my Dad nagging me that I haven’t posted in forever and ever.

I’ve been super super busy at work. While that has always been the case, somehow I still manage to take on more? Enjoying it though, so that’s good.

Last week we were down in Whitehorse for my check up with the gynecologist. For this type of cancer, it isn’t a remission, but is often referred to as “NED” – no evidence of disease. Unless I have symptoms, they won’t go digging in and doing a million tests for monitoring. Just an exam every 6 months until year 5. And otherwise, just keep on living.

The appointment started off with a lecture, for my decision to not get the vaccine now (our community is entirely vaccinated already – well anyone over 18 who wanted it). I explained my reasons, he explained his reasons, and we left it at that. But then we talked about a bunch of other things. Along with a couple colleagues, he is looking into weighing the risks of hormone treatment maybe beyond year 5 post cancer vs. all the harmful effects of taking away all estrogen from a woman years before it naturally would have happened. It may be a case by case basis, but they are looking into these things now. These are all weird things to think about after being told you have cancer and you need to get your affairs in order. Now I could get old some day and have to worry about cardiovascular implications from years of no estrogen? Traditionally estrogen is thought of as a big ‘no-no’ after uterine cancer, for fear of the cancer returning, but now they are thinking that risk may be smaller than the other consequences. Something to think about down the road maybe?

I also finally had a dentist check-up and cleaning! It’s been awhile. Having a dentist 6 hours away isn’t super convenient? Anyway, no cavities!! How rare!

Let me catch up with sharing a few pictures.

First, a couple of Saturdays ago, Jeff was teaching a course, and the sun was shining, so I drove across the ice road to the West Dawson lookout to soak in some rays:

I love this view of Dawson City. I just want to hug it. It’s so cute. It is fascinating how this town is placed right on this swampy pasture, the only flat low land along the river, which has flooded so many times in the past when ice jams on the river.

Sunglasses! It must be spring! It’s been months!

You knew there was a truck picture coming, right?

The dog park is lovely this time of year, with all the sunshine. It isn’t dark until 9:30 already, and the sky is lighting by 8am! (no, we didn’t change our clocks. Yukon time forever!)

Not only is the dog park great, it is also now a Pokemon Go stop 🙂 You’re welcome!

From looking at past springs here, we are a bit further behind. It’s been continuously cold, no melting, snow is still on the roofs (unless shovelled off). We have well over an average snowfall this winter, and Whitehorse has even more, which may mean a nice high water level for the Yukon River this summer.

Speaking of Whitehorse, here’s a glimpse into how we travel there:

After my great news in Whitehorse, we took Hank on a 5km hike (Millennium Trail) just before dark.

Also, I’ve been prepping myself for a particular challenge I have in mind for later this year. Something that requires my mental sharpness, which I can only achieve by being active and healthy. I’m on week 4 of no pop (I was heavily reliant on Diet Coke to deliver caffeine), eating healthy, with a work-out 6 days a week.

Right now I’m doing the Country Heat workout program by Beachbody and really having fun with it. I just need a small space to do it, so after work I do a session right behind my desk for 30 minutes. It’s a beginner level program, to get me moving again. I had been using the Nike app in the fall, but my progress was derailed a few months back when I was sent for 3 mammograms and an ultrasound. Made me super grumpy and self-destructive. All clear though!)

Anyway, this program is like exercise but also line dancing. I don’t even like country music, well maybe live country music, but now I find myself humming that “Save a horse, ride a cowboy song” and sometimes I even swing an imaginary lasso. Also, I sweat. And I’m down 8.8 lbs and a bunch of inches. I’ll take it.

I have no doubt I’ll quit again but I seem to be restarting sooner each time I do at least, haha, so no promises. I’ll just keep trying. Feeling great and confident at the moment!

Posting this now Dad, so you’ve have something to read tomorrow. You too Mom! (One more chemo round for Mom to go! Hang in there!)