We took another quad ride yesterday (Sunday) and were joined by a bunch of our quadding friends. We had 5 individual ATVs, and two side-by-sides.

We re-visited a bunch of the cabins we saw last weekend, but went way further (the road was plowed) putting in 6.5 hours and 170 km!

It was warm in the sun, but pretty chilly at higher altitudes where there is still a ton of snow. Especially when driving 60 km/hr on a quad. I wore fleece lined leggings under water resistant pants, and three layers on my top.

I didn’t take near as many pictures this time, but enjoy these few! We all packed some snacks and stopped here and there. There was way less snow in some places we visited just a week ago, and some of the road was getting really soft and rutted with the spring thaw.

We ended up doing the full figure-8 roads of the gold fields. Bonanza to Upper Bonanza, then down Sulphur and back on Dominion. We split up at the Hunker summit and those of us that live in Bear Creek headed home on Hunker and the rest of us went back to town via Bonanza so we didn’t have to drive too far on the highway.

With more of us making more dust, I had to wear my goggles, which I despise, but it kept more of the gravel out of my eyes. A neck gaiter over my mouth kept me from chewing more of it too.

Here’s a video of Jeff about to panic, but my brakes worked just fine:

We brought extra gas, but stubbornly Jeff wanted to see if we could do the entire trip on one tank. Both of us were flashing on the last quarter tank when we pulled back into our garage.

Here’s another video Jeff took of the rest of the group catching up, led by pokey me:

That’s mine on the front right ^. I have a smaller quad than the guys, and our new friend Pat who joined us. It was her first trip here and she was in awe of how beautiful all the views were!

There’s something to be set for the nicer seats and cup holders in a side-by-side, but I sure enjoy driving myself and being in control.

When we got back to town we saw the Klondike river had broke!

The water and ice has blown out from the Klondike into the Yukon River. It should break this week, probably?

And since I’m posting, here are a few more pictures.

Here are a few more pictures from my camera this week. Here are my pussy willows:

Here’s a few from the dome on Friday at lunch. I went to find crocuses and found none! But I’m seeing friends post pictures, so they are up there somewhere! Going back with my camera this week. Really would love to get that spot off my iPhone camera (top center) but cleaning hasn’t erased it!

Oh and here’s Hank who found a stick during an evening walk, and decided it was a good time to just find some grass and chew on it.

And pretty Sally, who is doing better, but still puking up hairballs. But that’s better than getting them stuck somewhere!