My friend Tarie posted a picture of a crocus last week, but I couldn’t find any! We made a plan to pack a lunch and drive up to the top of the Midnight Dome overlooking town to take a look.

And we found them! They are still early, not fully open, and it was absolutely freezing up there! haha It was +9C and super windy with a bit of snow or rain falling. Surprisingly, it was still coat and toque and mitten weather up there!

These beautiful flowers are the first signs up life here each spring. Before even a blade of grass starts growing.

They are so incredibly beautiful!

In some places on the Dome, just the fuzzy tips are coming out of the ground.

Here’s me:

And here’s Tarie seconds before before we decided to run back to the car and have our picnic inside the car, out of the wind.

Tarie said there was an Icelandic word for what we were experiencing:

Oh, and the river hasn’t broke yet, but there are large sections open up river now!

You can monitor the break-up here: