Our first weekly order of ColdAcre greens just arrived!

Delivered right to our home in this insulated bag:

They are grown hydroponically, in winterized seacan/storage containers near Whitehorse.

Each bundle of greens was in its own sealed, and labeled, compostable bag.

Looks like these were all picked and harvested yesterday in Whitehorse and shipped up here today for delivery.

You can order as many of each as you want. We ordered one of each to try and see what we’ll eat. These micro greens are full of flavour!

Here’s a salad mix:

The fresh herb this week is mint! Who’s craving a mojito? 😀

There are two bundles of dark greens. I think one is arugula ? And the other – I’m not sure. But they both are tasty.

There are also two heads of living lettuce, with their root bundles still attached.

I put them each in one of those vegetable ziplocks with the holes and moved the labels over. I’m thinking most of these will go into nice big fresh salads for lunch? Any recommendations for how to store fresh greens? In these vegetable bags? Or in some sort of Tupperware?

This is revolutionary. Fresh greens here in March? Where we still have 94 feet of snow? I’m pretty excited!

There were some additional Yukon products available. We got this brownie mix made with Yukon grown barley. I had no idea anyone grew grains up here!

And some coffee for Jeff, ground in Whitehorse.

And fresh eggs from Lastraw Ranch, just south of Dawson!

This was all $65 delivered, which seems pretty reasonable. We’ll see what we like and adjust our order for next week!

If you are in Dawson City, you can save $10 off your first order with this link!