Sunday was Jeff’s birthday and he decided he wanted to spend the day around a campfire up in Tombstone park on the Dempster, and invited our friends and their daughter to come with us.

Here are some pictures of our afternoon!

Jeff getting the fire going.

Even with the snow plowed out from the road to the picnic shelter, the snow was still up to the top of the picnic tables.

It was snowing on our way up, but warmed up and started to clear up when we arrived.

Jeff grabbed some popcorn to teach little Cerys how to feed the whiskey jacks.

Here’s one from Ags’ pictures from the day. Give me that bird Mr. Snow White!!

She loved it and kept chasing the birds. What started with one jay, ended up with 5 or 6 before long!

If you aren’t familiar with the whiskey jack, also known as a grey jay, Canada jay, or camp robber, they are pretty big, and even if you are in the middle of nowhere, if you crumble a granola bar or cracker or bread on your hand, they’ll swoop right down and sit on your hand and eat your food. Even more friendly than a chickadee. Even if you think they couldn’t have possibly seen a person before, they always seem to know how to steal your food.

Once Jeff had the fire going, he boiled some water for hot chocolate, and we cooked moose smokies on sticks over the fire, then had s’mores!

Gorgeous spot up here by the Tombstone campground!

Cerys is such a neat little kid, who was so frustrated by mittens that don’t allow her to do things with her hands and fingers!

Afterwards we went up to the lookout past the campground for a picture of the Tombstone mountain, but the falling snow blocked our view!

The wind was so extreme, and biting cold up here. A couple of us jumped out for just seconds to take a couple of pictures and then dove back into the warm truck with the heated seats.

Jeff’s new truck with the full crew cab made it really comfortable to have 5 of us travelling together.

Thanks for letting us spend your birthday with you Jeff!