I think February is my favourite month of the winter here in Dawson City. The sun comes back, the snow is still hanging in the trees, and everything is so beautiful.

We’ve had a mild (for here) stretch and I took advantage of it! I cross-country skied twice and then went for a hike yesterday.

I was going to hike the 9th Ave trail, but it was still in the shade, so I turned uphill and walked up to the sunshine.

I’m getting closer to the sun!

Here’s our disc golf course:

I’m now uphill and turning towards the sunshine:

The sunshine! It’s magnificent! And incredibly bright for the eyes!

I still haven’t solved my frosty glasses though, so they had to take time-outs in my pocket to thaw.

It was only about -10C, allowing me to not wear heavy snowpants (they really slow me down!).

My favourite purchase this year is a Smartwool long-sleeved shirt I purchased in Denver at REI. Wool base layers are game-changers! They keep you dry, soak up winter sweat, and don’t even stink. I wore wool long johns too.

This down puffy coat I’ve been wearing is good down to -20C too. I was sure it would only suit use in fall or early winter, but it’s done well, especially with a layer or two under it. It is surprisingly warm but does get wet if I’m sweating (like when skiing or hiking uphill). It dries quick though afterwards.

I eventually turned on a seldom-used trail; the tracks were fewer, and the trail was narrower. That made it so funny though, because if I missed or slid off the narrow trail, I’d sink up to above my knee and have to pull my leg out. It was even funnier when I then slipped the other leg off the other side of the trail. The red squirrels were laughing too.

There are lots of birds up in the hills right now. White-winged crossbills have a beautiful song!

I skied the same route on Friday and Saturday, and somehow I stopped at the same tree both days and said hi to the same curious red squirrel.

How’s your February? Are you getting out there and enjoying the sunshine?