These posts are always fun for me to reflect back on in the future to see how my favourites change over time.

I’m watching…

I’ve entirely ditched regular TV in favour of YouTube and some Netflix or Prime Video. My favourite YouTube channels this season are:

HeavyDSparks – A recent discovery – I’m so hooked on this channel. It makes me laugh, cheer, cringe, and always want more. It features bearded family men, heavy equipment, mud and snow, off-roading, road snacks, treasure, fun and adventure.

Ghost Town Living – Right at the beginning of covid I became aware of Brent who was spending the pandemic solo up at an abandoned silver mining ghost town on a mountain range in California from his posts on Reddit. I subscribed immediately to his YouTube channel but didn’t fully dive into his content until recently. This channel features old historical mining towns (so many parallels to Dawson City and makes me think of what our town would be today if all the people had left), the logistical difficulties of living remotely and at an altitude, and so many hikes, old log cabins, and mine shaft exploration!

Destination Adventure – Dustin has a great channel of exploration. A Canadian kid from British Columbia, Dustin has toured western Canada and down to Mexico in his RV and inflatable boat, filming his adventures as he goes. He’s even been to Dawson a couple of times! Now he’s midway through a truck rebuild series this winter, rebuilding his dad’s old logging service pickup truck into a smaller live-in rig for his next adventures. I’m no mechanic, yet I enjoy watching what goes into bringing this truck back to life.

allmyfriendsaresynths – My good pal Stephen, a mad digital (and also analog!) scientist living in Glasgow, Scotland. His channel’s highlights include gadgets, blinking LEDs, neon lights, photography, digital music composition, tech and audio reviews, and even tour footage from his bands’ gigs!

Also, in my “watching” category, I watched this movie, Edie, the other night and enjoyed it immensely. Edie finally has her life back but is seemingly too old to do all the things she was never able to do. Not satisfied with this, she sets out to climb a mountain in Scotland. While not a perfect movie or an Oscar winner, I found this movie to be incredibly motivating. It is *never* too late.

I’m reading…

At my Dad’s suggestion, I’m reading Colin O’Brady’s books.

This book details Colin’s adventure of crossing Antarctica solo and unassisted. I really enjoyed this book. Colin nicely blends stories of his life into his retelling of his adventure across the south pole and beyond. It really made me wonder if any great feat like crossing a continent is purely physical or if confidence, stubbornness, and a strong competitive nature make up a decent chunk of the necessary gear.

I’m just getting started on this one. My Dad shared some of it as he read and promised me something unexpected would come by the end of it, so I’m ready!

I’m listening to…

Heavy D (Dave Sparks – from the above-mentioned YouTube channel) has a motivating podcast that I’ve been savouring. Full of tips for business, personal growth, health, and just everyday lifestyle tips – many of which I also have already previously incorporated into my life so it is nice to hear others also discover the same things. Like – turn off all those red circle and number notifications floating over all the icons on your phone. YOU dictate when you look at those apps, not the other way around. I wish this podcast existed when I was running my side hustles. I could have used the motivation and confidence! I’m happily employed these days, but I can’t help but reflect that I was likely ahead of my time back then and that I would be infinitely more successful now.

I’m drinking…

No, not booze! I’m still completely alcohol-free (since my Denver trip in the fall). I drink a lot of tea these days (I think I may have finally kicked cola forever, although I will have a ginger ale from time to time).

Holiday Chai by Stash. This is a black tea that smells like a Christmas pudding. I have never grown tired of it. I drink a couple a day and order it a 100 bags at a time on Amazon!

I’m eating…

Less than I used to! I finally took charge, annoyed at the constant hunger and desire to eat that consumed too much of my life. I’ve experimented my way to something that looks like intermittent fasting probably. I use the Lose It app to track and target my daily calorie consumption, but I no longer aim to eat the recommended 3 square meals plus snacks. Sometimes I’ll just have one big meal. Some days I eat breakfast by 9am. Some days I don’t eat until noon. Some days I stop eating at noon. I feel so much more in charge, with a clearer head now!

Homemade pizza

I’m back to making homemade pizza from time to time. I heard a tip on a podcast to put the cheese immediately on top of my homemade crust – under the sauce even – and it keeps the crust dry. Otherwise, the sauce and water from the vegetables can soak into the fresh dough making it soggy. I’ve tried this twice now with fabulous results!

The Grumpy Schnitzel sign

The Grumpy Schnitzel. This is our seasonal concession in our arena. My favourite is a chicken burger (that is two large breaded chicken breast pieces with all the fixin’s) and an enormous side of thin-cut fries with a bit of seasoning. So delicious, and it is enough food last a couple of meal’s worth!

Happy Yukon Heritage Day everyone! It is a statutory holiday here, so I’m off to find something to do (probably vacuum)!