My Dad called me this evening from his van. He’s been paying attention to the solar storm going on and that there was a possibility of northern lights even down in southern Ontario, so he was outside of town, waiting for the lights.

Before he gave up and went home, his camera caught them on the horizon, just subtly, but definitely there.

Well they weren’t so subtle here.

I have tomorrow off in lieu of a Saturday shift, so the night is all mine! I got my gear together and headed out. Take a look at this!

It is -31C / -24F so I took my warm truck rather than walk around with my camera and tripod, freezing my digits off on my frozen tripod.

It was kinda spur of the moment and I didn’t really have a destination in mind. I first tried the ski trails, but I forgot there was a street light there, so I went halfway up the Dome road to the first look-off and parked there for a while.

The lights were all over the sky, in every direction!

And then the purple showed up!

And then red!

I was bouncing around and twisting in circles shooting the camera in different directions.

Even with those disposable heat pads stuck on my socks in my boots, my toes were starting to scream at me, so I heated up the truck and drove back down the hill and through town to the ice bridge and took these last few there.

I was worried the bright moon would be too bright in the pictures, but it worked out pretty well! Everything was so bright my exposures were mostly 2-5 seconds. I didn’t edit or touch up any of these, just convert from RAW to .jpg and dump a few on here so I can go to bed.

Hope you enjoyed the show!