Have you ever seen a helicopter mount a flag pole? I have!!

In the 1990’s, the large flag pole on top of the historical Old Territorial Administration Building that houses our Dawson City Museum, fell down. Well now it is 2023 and the building has been undergoing renovations for the last few years, including a new roof. Someone decided it was time to put the flag pole back!

And despite there being a scissor lift going up and down to that roof all day, every day, the pole must just be too big and heavy, so a helicopter was recruited to do the job!

I knew this was going to happen on Sunday morning, sometime between 8am and noon. They were planning to evacuate the entire museum building and the train shelter, and block off the surrounding streets and clear the park, so the helicopter could land in the park.

We were sleeping in and in the back of my mind I was listening for a chopper but figured there was no way it would happen in the 8am hour.

But it did! Around 8:30 am I heard the chopper approaching so I threw some clothes on and headed down to the corner where two of my neighbours were already standing and watching.

It was nerve-wracking to watch, seeing the helicopter tethered to the mounted flag pole, waiting for the cables to be disconnected. But they got the job done safely!

Here is a video of the whole operation!

Here it is the view of the front of the building with the flag pole back on top:

I wonder what flag they’ll fly? Canadian? Yukon? Historical British flag? Or none at all?