tennis ballWell I was in no mood for tennis tonight. I had a headache (long story, didn’t realize the iced tea I had been drinking for the last week had caffeine in it, quit it cold turkey, no more iced tea for me! I hate caffeine withdrawl headaches!), and my muscles were still sore from Tuesday’s tennis. But I need exercise, and Hercules* was up for it (damn guy isn’t sore at all), so we played.

I got into it right away, and the headache disappeared. But I was so so awful. Herc was getting angry because I was so bad, and I wanted to cry because he thought I wasn’t listening or trying.

Luckily after an hour of that misery, things starting to come together!! I could finally serve the tennis ball towards him. And the ball didn’t leave the court at all! We had a few good rallies at the end (or whatever the tennis lingo is).

About an hour into the game, suddenly Herc yells out, “PUT OUT THAT FIRE!!” Some punk teenagers were playing with fire, lighting some things up, RIGHT on the completely dead and dry grass in the park. Sheesh that could have been bad, the entire park would have been gone in minute it’s so dry. And my house is just 2 doors down from the park. Stupid kids.

So now I’m really really sore. Mostly from picking up the ball I think. I am stupid and don’t bend my knees. Idiot. I’m not a youngster anymore. So I switched to squatting.

There was a poster up in the courts advertising free tennis lessons. Maybe I should drop in to one or two!

*Names changed to protect those who wish to remain anonymous to the blogosphere.