Okay enough about tennis. (Played 4 times in the last week and I’m stiff and sore and still not good!!)

So as a new topic, it’s time for a summer round-up of what I’m watching.

I watch a lot of TV. I do a lot of work programming websites on my laptop in the evenings, and almost all of it I do in front of the TV (Gotta LOVE a laptop).

This summer’s selection has been POOR! Here’s the run down of shows I’ve been watching:

Big Brother 6: There has been summers were I get completely into Big Brother, and others where I haven’t watched it at all. This summer, I think I’m giving up on it. I’ve watched about half of the shows so far. There isn’t a single person on that show that I can identify with.. or even like much. Maybe Kaysar or whatever his name is. But it’s the same ol’ same ol’. I realize they have a new house, but it doesn’t make a difference. I have always hated the veto idea and the stupid house keys. The first season was really the best, since then, not worth watching. If I hear someone say anything about “it’s only a game” or “in this game” or anything about the word GAME I have to flip the channel.

Beauty and the Geek: I’ve watched a few episodes of this, by accident. I get a bit of a kick out of it. Very stereo-typical, but not bad.

So You Think You Can Dance: I saw part of one episode. It made me laugh. That’s what counts.

NCIS: Here’s a goodie. I didn’t start watching this show until the last couple of episodes this season. The season finale BLEW me away! What an ending! Now I’m watching the old shows as they repeat. There is really good chemistry between the characters. The girl in the lab, Abby, is my favourite character!

INXS Rock Star: LOVE IT. Finally a show with some fantastic singers. And no pop crap, it is real ROCK. This is one I don’t like to miss.

Any one else a couch potato? What are you watching this summer?