Gorgeous Saturday in the Sault today. We did our Saturday shopping, and both bought some new New Balance tennis shoes (yes, exactly the same kind, same model, my bad, but they were the least expensive and most supportive). I tried on some WACKY looking moon shoes today. Nike has really pushed the limits on some of their new cross trainers! Here are the ones we bought:


Then we took the dogs to the beach. It’s a fairly sandy beach, but the kind where you have to walk out for half a kilometre and it is still only at your waist. I got to dry out my new swimsuit though, and no one ran screaming, so all is well. We managed to find a place that wasn’t too crowded with people. Probably because it was a little rockier than the other areas.

Then I tried to sneak a nap, but Herc, my personal trainer/torturer, came over, woke my ass up, and we went to play tennis. AGAIN, some annoying kid was there and kept interfering. It got so bad that she was standing IN FRONT of me, and I was just standing there. I didn’t want to be mean, but never again. If a kid so much as comes within 50 feet of our court, I’m going to turn into a nasty woman. She even knocked it out of the court, didn’t go get it, and I had to. It landed under a thick thorn tree. I got thorns shoved in all over. One really deep in my head and made me bleed. Grrrrrrrr….

So now I’m on my bed, I’m too sore to move. Winger is lying across the end of the bed, twitching in a dream, probably of his swimming adventures today. I turned on the A/C on because it is a hot humid night. It still hasn’t rained, but there is a chance tomorrow. Crossing my fingers!

Good night.