This is bad.
Dad is here to redo the tub surround.
He pulled off the tile and there is black mold everywhere. It is so rotten and stinky.
Now that the rotten insulation is out, we see the outside boards of the house are completely rotten. Will we have to pull the siding off the house and redo the wall? Dad said I should have moved.
I’ll update this as we go… Pictures have been taken.

11:28 am – back wall of the bathroom is gone – siding and all. Oh and it’s raining quite heavily. The outside walls of the house were just wet sawdust – that’s how rotten it was. This is bad.

3:23 pm – Back with wood, Dad is still demolishing. He keeps taking more things down and isn’t finding any solid wood. I hope my house doesn’t fall down. I’m getting some good pictures of this that I’ll upload here later.

8:21 pm – Just had pizza. Dad managed to get a wall up to cover the hole! Woo hoo! I’m just saving some photos now to add, brb…

Okay here we go… From the beginning.
My bathroom was designed with a shelf under the shower head that always got wet and the tiles were getting loose. So that is where Dad started to take off the tiles so we could replace it with a tub surround and eliminate the shelf by building it into a wall all the way to the ceiling.


Then he proceeded to remove the dry wall.


Soon we noticed it was a wee bit worse that we suspected. Black mold everywhere. It stunk so bad I can’t even describe it. The mold was in our mouth and noses and lungs.


Now if you look closely at this next picture, you can see the metal of my aluminum siding. The boards are so rotten they aren’t even there in places, just wet rotten sawdust.


Just look at the mold!


So the wall had to be removed. I worked at taking the siding off on the outside. This is what the wall was like with the siding off.


Does Dad look impressed?


Soon enough it looked like this.


And then we had to take the rotten window boards down. Here is a couple new boards added back in.


There was so many bugs living in that rot. I bought some super duper creepy crawler killer that is supposed to work for 2 weeks.


Here’s the view from the throne.


And now I have a wall again! The window is back in place too!


Stay tuned tomorrow for more of the tale!