Just saw this press release on SooToday. This looks awesome!

New Canadian reality series shooting in Sault Ste. Marie

Bonterra Productions Inc. is gearing up to film three episodes of their exciting new series in the Sault area.

Mantracker will be broadcast nationally on the Outdoor Life Network’s new primetime slate in 2006.

Produced by an award-winning team; this series pushes outdoor adventure television to a new level.

Mantracker features an expert mantracker chasing down two people over wild terrain.

The hunted will take off into the bush with a head start, and have two days to survive and outrun Mantracker.

When he catches them, it’s over.

If they manage to escape his clutches and reach the end of the chase, then victory is theirs.

Mantracker is a veteran cowboy who the RCMP calls in when they need to retrieve someone who can’t – or won’t – be found.

He’s cool, confident and unflappable and this is no game to him.

His reputation is on the line and he will stop at nothing to hunt down his prey.

Riding on horseback with a local cowboy as his sidekick, Mantracker has to rely on his tracking instincts and his partner’s knowledge of the region.

Whether in the Yukon, Alberta’s foothills or Northern Ontario, Mantracker has some serious ground to cover.

Each episode features a different pair of people making a run for it.

Two strangers from different walks of life team up and ally their energies in an attempt to defeat this challenge.

Mantracker offers the once in a lifetime experience of being hunted down like a fugitive.

Trekking through deep woods and rugged rock face, these adventurers have a target on their back.

No matter how severe the terrain, Mantracker is just a step behind. W

Watch Out.

He’s Coming To Get You…

Bonterra Productions Inc
147 Liberty Street
Toronto Ontario Canada
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