I was up at 6, and we got back to work by 7:30.
The siding is back up. It didn’t fit together as well as it should have – probably because of all the rot in the corner of the house – basically there was absolutely no support left in the corner, that that corner of the house probably sunk a little. I stopped Dad from getting the jack out.
So the siding is back up. It’s 9:12am and we’re heading out to see if we can find some new window flashing. Off to Home Depot!! Stay tuned.

9:16am – Dad needs a bathroom break first. I’ll just stay in here since there is no door. You know, I’m not convinced I’m putting the bathroom door back on. Maybe for company. It opens into the bathroom and takes up so much space. The bathroom is huge without it! Or maybe the bathroom just felt huge with no walls, one or the other..

11:14am – Back from 3 hardware stores. Got a one piece tub surround for $123 and decided to leave the flashing for around the window for the pros. I’ll hire a siding guy to do that and the sill from my front door, then they’ll look good. Anything Dad was going to try would not end up looking good. Okay back to work!

3:10pm – insulation in 2 of the walls, plastic over it, and half of the cement board is up. I’m so filthy. I’m really hoping for a shower today, but Dad is suspiciously silent on the subject, and Herc* thinks there is no chance.

4:54pm – I’ve been to so many hardware stores this weekend. Dad just installed some shut off taps behind the tub for the shower pipes he is going to install, but he is missing something, so we I turned the water on there was a big leak, but there is still a hole in the floor there, so all is good. He just took off in the van to go get something.
I’m really dirty, did I mention that?
Dad had his van open for awhile because we had supplied in it, but it died. I have booster cables that were still brand new. He was impressed. So he’s been boosted.
I hope we can turn the water on again soon, Winger is so parched, I’ve been giving him bottled water!

10:24pm – Tired. We showered at Herc’s house. Thanks Herc! Plumbing is almost done, wow it’s nice to be clean. The house is a mess. I want to stay home from work tomorrow to start ripping down the rest of the bathroom and prep it for the tongue in groove pine boards I plan to put up. Sorry, but today’s pictures will have to wait, I’m sore and tired.
Good night.


Time to put things back together! The siding going back up!

As good as new!

My beautiful insulation job!

Cement backer board going up!

New water pipe shut off valves!
Plumbing progresses up to shower head height!


Time to cut out the holes in the tub surround!

*Name changed to protect the not-so-innocent