We’ve spent 3 nights already on doghouse renovations and we still aren’t done!

I was able to get a free dog house from a friend. It is really nice, but it was a summer dog house so it was built with ventilation in mind. We are insulating it and we (ok Herc) put a solid floor in the bottom too. So far I don’t believe we’ve had to buy anything, just using our scraps and old material. I had two big sheets of sytrofoam insulation in the garage so that is what we are using to make it warm inside. We just have to put the shingles on now, but then I have no idea how we are going to get this extremely heavy dog house to the dog kennel. We can get it back out the front of the garage through the big garage door, but how on earth is it going to fit in through the fence gate? I have my doubts I’ll be able to lift my side over the gate! If we can pull that off, then we’ll have to undo the corner connections of the kennel run to get it in there.

Other perks from yesterday – CBC linked to my http://ForestTalk.com site! It’s sending me quite a bit of traffic. Not much monetary traffic, but traffic none the less. How exciting!

I also booked my ticket yesterday. I’ll be flying to Vancouver on December 9th, and returning on the 13th. I’m so excited to have a vacation! The plane from Toronto to Vancouver will be the biggest plane I’ve ever been on, by FAR! It has three section of seats across instead of just the 2 I’m used to. I sure hope the puppy quietly naps all the way home!