It wasn’t on my mind at all, but as soon as I walked out of the door after work today, I knew today was the day I had to spread Winger’s ashes. It was a cool but sunny fall day, very beautiful.

I took Surf with me. She ran around for awhile, then decided what the heck, time for a swim, and in she went – it’s October 21st! Brrrrrrrr….

Eventually I saw a big beaver coming towards us from across the pond so I put her back in the truck.

As it turns out, Winger’s ashes were inside a Ziploc inside the black box. Oddly enough, I felt no connection to them. I kept trying to tell myself this was what was left of my dog, but it’s too abstract to process. It just looked like white sand. None of the big chunks I’ve heard from other people, just fine white particles. I spread them all along the shoreline and some blew into the water. It was the right thing to do. I don’t need to keep them, or keep any attachment to his remains. He’ll always be in my heart and memories.

When I got back in the truck and started to drive out the driveway towards the road, I looked up and there was a big bright sundog beside the sun. (rainbow)

So many people talk about seeing the bright star after their dog dies, or other similar signs. When I didn’t get any sign from beyond after Winger died I figured they were all full of it. Just wishful thinking..

Today I got my sign, now I know.